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Navigating the specialized world of private credit

Combining our fundamental research expertise, deep experience in fixed income and real estate, and unrelenting search for investment value, Advantus has grown to become a leading asset manager in the private credit market.

Private Placement Investing

For institutional investors

Private Placement strategy fact sheet (pdf)

Private placement bonds offer the potential for enhanced yields, and can increase diversification by accessing companies not available in the public market.

Our Private Placement strategy invests primarily in investment-grade U.S. and foreign private placement securities.

Meet the Private Placement Team

Chris Gudmastad portrait

Chris Gudmastad, CFA

Vice President & Senior Investment Officer

Ted Hoxmeier portrait

Ted Hoxmeier, CFA

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Linda Sauber portrait

Linda Sauber

Vice President & Director, Client Portfolio Manager

Sara DeWolfe portrait

Sara DeWolfe

Associate Portfolio Manager

Myles Reinecke portrait

Myles Reinecke, CFA

Investment Analyst

Commercial Mortgage Lending

Advantus uses more than 25 years of Commerical Mortgage Lending experience to offer our clients access to a commercial mortgage loan portfolio.

Learn how we find investment value in private credit

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