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Investment strategies for generating returns while controlling risk.

We offer two strategies, one equity-based and another that incorporates income-oriented assets.

Managed Volatility Strategies

For institutional investors

Dynamic Managed Volatility strategy fact sheet  (pdf)

Advantus Dynamic Managed Volatility Strategy is a balanced allocation strategy with active risk management.

Managed Volatility Equity strategy fact sheet  (pdf)

Advantus Managed Volatility Equity strategy is a low volatility equity-based strategy with active risk management.

The Advantus Managed Volatility team

Craig Stapleton portrait

Craig Stapleton, CFA, FRM

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Jeremy Gogos, portrait

Jeremy Gogos, Ph.D., CFA

Portfolio Manager

Merlin Erickson, portrait

Merlin Erickson

Vice President & Portfolio Manager


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